We are a group of successful entrepreneurs, coaches, educators, and parents who believe that simply relying on the current online and in-class learning programs alone is not enough to help our students succeed. In particular, our team saw a glaring need within the online educational platforms. We wanted to provide a healthier alternative to this typical school experience by bridging the gap between this virtual learning platform and the students’ need for mentorship, coaching, and life skills.

After extensive research, we were unable to find a program or company that could assist our children in this area, so we decided to develop Class Coach. As parents and educators, it was hard to sit back and let a student’s educational needs go unmet, so we created this program to fill that void for them. Class Coach is designed to bridge that gap between the learning platform and the accountability and mentorship needed to succeed.  In essence, Class Coach is the vehicle to provide both a world-class education and also a portfolio of life experiences that allows students to later thrive as well-rounded, educated adults.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is made up of a variety of accomplished experts, including CEOs, PhDs, Fortune 500 advisors, and non-profit leaders, who offer creative advice and dynamic perspectives. The advisory board also oversees general curriculum and overall strategic direction of Class Coach. Their role is to complement the executive team and continue to find innovative ways to inspire today’s virtual students. 

Executive Team

Vallery Headshot

Valerie Ellery

Class Coach Educator and Curriculum Specialist

Valerie Ellery has dedicated 30 years to the field of education in various roles as a National Board Certified Teacher, Curriculum Specialist, Mentor/Coach, International Educational Consultant and Best-Selling Author. Her books Creating Strategic Readers & Sustaining Strategic Readers have been used internationally in classrooms and universities to inspire educators to motivate and engage today’s whole learners. She has also coauthored two secondary curricula in the area of self-worth and human trafficking for the non-profit organization A21: Bodies Are Not Commodities and ShineHope. These programs are impacting young adults in 37 nations around the world. In addition, Valerie helped align a Primary Prevention Curriculum for Thailand and is working with South Africa to bring the Bodies Are Not Commodities curriculum to their two million students.  She is currently A21’s Education Curriculum Specialist.

Stephanie Travis grew up on the east coast of Florida, living out her passion for sports, the ocean, and adventure. She graduated from Florida State University where she earned a BS in Physical Education with a minor in Religion. It was at FSU where she met her husband, Jay, at a Florida State football game. Today, Stephanie and Jay reside in Bradenton, Florida with their two children, Sunny (10) and Cayson (8). Stephanie is well-versed in fitness and is a personal trainer and wholeness coach. She is the Owner and Founder of Ground Swell Surf School, a summer surf school for elementary-aged children. Stephanie has taught physical education and life skills for fourteen years to children from Pre-K through 12th grade. She has coached countless seasons of soccer, softball, volleyball, and weightlifting teams. Stephanie’s passion for wellness has led her to advocate for human trafficking prevention education. To equip educators, she is currently traveling to various places around the world, from Texas to South Africa, to share human trafficking awareness strategies. In her free time, she enjoys fishing, surfing, thrift shopping and playing sports with her family.

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Stephanie Travis

Head Coach