Class coach is a liaison between online schools and their students.

We are here to motivate, encourage, coach, and help students excel. Students enrolled in online platforms have little accountability; and as a result, the graduation rates for online schools across the country are dismal. As parents and educators, we could not let this trend continue. Thus, Class Coach began from the desire to fix this problem and help both schools and students reach their full potential. Instead of simply leaving students to figure out school on their own, our coaches help bridge the relational gap between the student and teacher. 

Class coach is the game changer in online education.


Class Coach’s focus is twofold. First, our focus is on retention for the student at the school. With an individual Class Coach mentoring them, their online learning experience will be more successful. The students will feel connected and want to excel. From this connection the student will then strive to excel in all aspects. Secondly, we want to help students increase their GPA as well as help schools increase their graduation rates. The success of implementing Class Coach into on online school platform is second to none. The results speak for themselves!